"Creating an environment that is safe to dream is a place called home as Bachelard would put it. Each view is inspirational not only due to the nature of itself but in the manner it has been framed. The dining table frames the Harbour view with dinner guests facing each of the other views. The manipulation of natural light, celebrated in the lounge and dining area, is borrowed in the en-suite and walk-in wardrobe, as if these were merely light boxes, all with breathtaking simplicity. The original claustrophobic series of rooms have been discarded and, with changes to ceiling height, and extended lines from the kitchen cabinets have given careful regard to lifestyle functions, such as alcoves for reading and sewing, informal TV lounge. The locations of wet areas still utilize the existing plumbing, however, due to the skillful use of forms, and materials, the spaces breathe. Tenants from other apartments found on fulfilling their curiosity, they did not recognize the plan. Why should they, Jones Architecture reinvented the floor plate to register a sensitivity to existence." Joanette Seiden 2004

Photography: Shawn Connell